Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"Small WIN(s") & "FAIL(s)" - Progress Update for February 2011

February Update & Issues

The project has now formally started and an internal project proposal has been approved.

Resources have been allocated and the contract of our GIS specilist has been extended to cover the specialist GIS resource required to support this project.

Good progress has been made on the Data Sources Work Package (WP2). The HALOGEN system has been extended to include a full down load of Portable Antiquities Data (PAS) for all English counties. The increase in the volume of PAS data has created problems with the use of the ArcGIS tool used by the team (see issue below).

The project team have changed the scope of the Data Sources work slightly and agreed that 2 new sources of data will be added. These will be additional Genetics data from the published datasets of Capelli and the 1881 Surname/Census data from Kevin Schurer’s work with the Essex Data Archive at the University of Essex.

This later source is a replacement for the surname distribution data from the Archer Surname Atlas originally referenced in the project proposal. Initial investigations identified issues with the use of this data which have been addressed by the Essex Data Archive.

Requirements relating to the Capelli data have been agreed and the source data obtained. The data has been enhanced by the addition of relevant spatial data. Design work to include this in the HALOGEN database is in progress.

An initial meeting has been held to review the format and content of the surname census data from the Essex Data Archive and further sessions are planned.

Extension of PAS Data – Impact on ArcGIS

The addition of extra PAS data has caused problems with the use of shape files in ArcGIS. To temporarily overcome this issue PAS data is being extracted in 3 separate files for use with ArcGIS. The team continue to investigate a permanent fix to the problem.

Any hints or tips welcome !

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