Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Project Plan Post 7 of 7: Budget

Budget Summary

The total cost of the project was c.£353,000 of which the JISC award of  £85,000 represents 24% of the total project costs. A summary of the total project budget (covering both JISC and institutional contributions) is given below.

Category                                        %

Directly Incurred Staff                      5
Directly Incurred Other                    7
Directly Allocated                          50

Total                                           100

The largest forecasted costs relate to staffing. It is estimated that a 'virtual team' of 3.27 FTE's will work on the project for it's duration.

Budget Management

The project manager will be responsible for managing and monitoring the project budget on a day to day basis. The project manager will be accountable to the Project Board and will report any significant variances to the Board for discussion and authorisation.

The project board is chaired by Professor Annette Cashmore (Sub-Dean for Medicine and Biological Sciences, Director of CETL (GENIE)) and its membership includes David Flanders, JISC Programme Manager, Professor Mark Jobling (Department of Genetics), Dr Jayne Carroll (Director Institute for Name Studies, University of Nottingham), Mary Visser (Director of IT Services) and Dr Nick Tate (Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography).

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