Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Project Plan Post 2 of 7: Wider Benefits to Sector & Achievements for Host Institution

The benefits from specific project deliverables are listed in the table below.

Benefits and Outcomes
1. Enhanced Data Sources

– Extension of existing PAS datasets to provide national coverage. This is a relatively simple exercise as the Key to English Place Names and Genetics data is already present in the database at national level but some additional cleaning is required. A new ‘national’ extract of PAS data would be needed.

- Addition of 2 new data sources relating to the geographical distribution of surnames and further genetics data to the database.
A review of existing HALOGEN data extraction, cleaning and load procedures to cope with ingestion of ‘national’/larger data sources.

A prioritised list of data source related requirements that can be used to guide the future development of the service.

Data extraction, cleaning and load procedures for new datasets. Updated data glossary for researchers.
2. A Revised Data Management Plan

Additional requirements, policies and practice recommendations covering new features will be documented.
An assessment of the effectiveness of the DCC’s drafts DMP as an aid to research data management.

Information and lessons learned to source a JISC case study and input to community synthesis project.

3. Evaluation and Selection of Data Extraction Tool

Requirements for an appropriate tool will be documented. These will initially be used to assess the feasibility of using the existing tools supported by IT Services. If this is not appropriate a market evaluation will take place.
A contribution to wider JISC community to help develop awareness of good practice in terms of the selection and availability of similar tools.
4. An Implementation Plan for the Data Extraction Tool
An implementation plan covering the timescales, costs, risks and issues relating to the deployment of the selected tools will be documented. If feasible within the 9-month project window then the preferred product will be implemented.

5. Feasibility Study for the Provision of HALOGEN Database Enquiry Facilities for Institute of Place Names Website Users.
A contribution to wider JISC community to help develop awareness of good practice in how to deal with similar requirements and problems.
6. Interim project reports
Compliance with JISC requirements for project control.
7. A project blog and updated Halogen Project website
Sector-wide dissemination of findings and engagement with key stakeholder communities.

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