Thursday, 7 April 2011

Project Update for March 2011

In terms of project progress we have achieved less than we planned in March. This is due to one of the key development team members not being available due to a backlog of support work and the need to support another high priority project for researchers at the University (we are developing a hosting service for researchers).

The work on
loading new data sources; addressing known problems with ArcGIS and the Key to English Place Names data has all been impacted.

That said the good news is that to address this problem (hopefully for the life of the project !), and to catch up lost time, the opportunity to recruit additional temporary resource has been taken and Olly Butters joined the team on 4th April for 6 months.

Olly has been working on Physics and Astronomy projects and has good MySQL/PHP skills and a lot of experience of curating multiple/large data sets.

The 1881 Surname/Census data has been obtained and is being reviewed.

A discussion paper covering the tools evaluation has been issued of review.

A training workshop has been held for members of the Roots of the British research collaboration to allow them to get to grips with ArcGIS and HALOGEN data.

Requirements for the 'web enquiry' have been agreed and documented with the research user community.

Key acheivements include:

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