Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Progress Update for April

Good news - the resource issue that has held up progress in March and April has been resolved.
Olly Butters has joined the team and made an immediate difference.

Progress is summarised below:

Data Sources
The new Cappelli date source is now loaded into the database and being tested.

The 1881 Surname Census data has been reviewed and work to calculate parish centroids is well advanced. Once we have parish centoid data then the information can be added to the database and tested.

Tools for Researchers

The requirements for the 'web based query tool' have been reviewed and agreed with Jayne Carroll of Nottingham University's Institute of Name Studies (the owners of the Key to English Place Names data used by HALOGEN).

Work on developing prototypes has started and the target is to demonstrate the first cut products to the project team and key research users in late May/early June.

The first Project Board meeting is now scheduled for 27th May. Onwards !