Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Progress Update for August

The team continue to make good progress.

Data Sources
All the new data sources originally identified have been added to the HALOGEN database.

Tools Development and Evaluation

Development of prototypes of the ‘data extraction tool’ (using Business Objects) and a ‘web based enquiry tool’ continues.

The second iteration of the ‘web based enquiry’ development was presented to Nottingham users in late June and to the Roots of the British/Diaspora researchers at Leicester in July. Feedback from these sessions has been used to enhance its presentation and functionality.

A prototype of the business objects based data extraction tool has been delivered to researchers at Leicester and they are evaluating its use.


A visit from David Flanders - JISC Programme Manager occurred on the 2nd August and highlighted a number of hot topics (most notably data licensing issues and ideas on how to test our deliverables). The feedback from this session was very positive.

Photo below - left to right: Olly Butters, Andrew Bradley, Jonathan Tedds and Dave Carter.

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