Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Progress Update for June

Good progress is being made and we have now delivered the new data sources as planned!

Data Sources

A key target was to complete the load of the new data sources to HALOGEN during June and this has been achieved. Well done Olly and Andrew !

The coverage of the PAS data has been increased to all of England. The Capelli data and 1881 Surname census data has now been added to the database.  

The load of an additional source of surname data has been requested and will be added over the next few months.

Tools Development and Evaluation

Development of prototypes of the ‘data extraction tool’ (using Business Objects) and a ‘web based enquiry tool’ continues.

A plan for the iterative development of the ‘web based’ enquiry has been agreed. The second iteration of development is now complete and the system was presented to users at Nottingham University's Institute of Name Studies on 28th June.


A communications plan to support internal dissemination activity relating to the project has been drafted for Board approval.

We had our first Project Board meeting on 27th May and that went well.

Dave Flanders, our JISC Programme Manager has scheduled a visit for 2nd August.

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